Strategic Consulting

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Strategic Consulting Services

In addition to the platform, NeosVoc offers custom research services and personalized strategic consulting aimed at a deeper understanding tailored to each company's needs through the use of every type of methodology, from the most traditional to the most innovative.


Strategic Consulting Services

Ad Hoc Market Research

As part of our strategic consulting services, we also provide traditional market research services, tailored ad hoc based on the client's needs.
These include:
• In-depth interviews
• Focus group
• Online discussion groups
• Workshop
• Mystery Shopping

Lead Generation and Customer Base Data Enrichment

Designed to obtain a more complete and detailed view of the customer, allowing companies to better understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors, Customer Base Enrichment enables informed strategic decisions, personalized product and service offerings, and more efficient sales and marketing. By activating Nudging mechanisms combined with the Voice of Customer, we support Brands in building a highly profiled Customer Base and acquiring new contacts with higher potential. Through the collection of all types of strategic information for the Brand, it is possible to activate personalized communication and offer strategies.

Co-creation for Brand Identity & Strategy

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Personalized Communication

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