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May 7, 2022 2024-06-21 15:40

The Voice of Your Customer

Listen to your customer and grow your business

Listen to your customers with NeosVoc. Collect their feedback, understand who they are, and offer them what they really want. Personalize the connection with the brand, improve the Customer Experience and develop your business.


Our Solutions

The Voice of the Customer Platform

NeosVoc allows you to collect and analyze all types of feedback throughout the Customer Journey and across all touchpoints. Modular, customizable, and integrable with the brand's digital ecosystem, its Dashboard allows you to consult all the collected data in real-time.

Research Models and Psychographic Profiling

NeosVoc offers analysis and profiling models for audiences for every industry. In addition to traditional demographic segmentation, it offers deep Psychographic Profiling to reconstruct the personality traits that influence customers’ choices.

Strategic Consulting Services

Our interdisciplinary team guarantees innovative research and consulting services tailored to your specific needs to support any branding, engagement, and communication strategy.


Our clients

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