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Voice of Customer

NeosVoc is the platform for the Voice of Customer that allows you to collect feedbacks from your customers in real time and throughout the Customer Journey, through the channels that reflect their communication habits.

Voice of Customer is not only a survey.

NeosVoc is a platform with two souls, as it combines the inferential power of quantitative analysis with the potential of non-standard techniques.

What you can do with the NeosVoc platform:

Listen and know your customer
  • continuous voice of customer
  • customer profiling
  • lead generation
  • customer experience
  • customer satisfaction
  • image & positiong
  • branding
  • engagement
  • mystery shopping
Analyze and predict
  • machine learning
  • psychographics
  • monitoring
  • sentiment analysis
  • classification & topic extraction
  • conversation analysis
  • native dashboard
  • embedded dashboard & Business Intelligence
  • topic extraction & classification
  • Machine Learning

Platform features that allow you to work well:

Artificial Intelligence

NeosVoc integrates a set of advanced, Artificial Intelligence-based features to help you discover trends and correlations.

Machine Learning

From extracting recurring themes to supporting qualitative analysis with Deep Learning techniques, up to automated Sentiment analysis.


Voice of Customer integrated with all your digital and social properties, including connected IoT devices and conversational interfaces.

Ease of use

You can set up your research easily, with an easy-to-use web back office that doesn't require technical knowledge.

Ease of integration

Fully cloud-based, delivered as-a-Service, NeosVoc can be easily integrated via SDK and API with leading Customer Service, CRM and Digital Commerce systems.


Surveys can be customized to your company's brand identity and communication preferences.

Proactive participation

Immediacy, ease of use and high performance allow you to engage your audience in participatory surveys and co-creation activities.

Multilingual support

NeosVoc directly supports most Indo-European languages, with extensions for major Asian alphabets.

Compatibility with all devices

Compatibility with older smartphones, tablets and computers, combined with the ability to take advantage of the performance of the latest devices.


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