Psychographic Profiling

June 9, 2024 2024-06-09 12:15

Research Models and Psychographic Profiling

NeosVoc has created Psychographic Profiling models aimed at studying and deeply understanding audiences specific to each sector.


Analysis Models

Psychographic Profiling

It is based on the knowledge of subjective characteristics that determine individuals' behaviors and influence their choices. By reconstructing the personality profile, lifestyle, and values that characterize each individual, NeosVoc's Psychographic Profiling models allow understanding their needs, desires, and preferences to create personalized offer and communication strategies through a single view of the customer approach.

Voice of Guest for Tourism and Hospitality

A process of acquiring and analyzing information on the needs, habits, and expectations of guests of an accommodation facility aimed at understanding tourists deeply; identifying the drivers that influence attitudes, preferences, and choices; activating continuous improvement of offers and services; and reacting quickly to market dynamics.

Churn Prediction Model for the Finance and Insurance sectors

Meeting customers' needs and anticipating their desires is the first step to ensuring Customer Retention. By applying Psychographic Profiling with the predictive Churn model for the Finance and Insurance sectors, NeosVoc will not only measure the Churn Rate but also prevent churn by identifying the dispositional traits that most contribute to the propensity to churn.

Green Potential Detection Model for Multiutilities and Territories

It is the model that reconstructs personality traits predicting the natural predisposition to adopt sustainable behaviors. Starting from the detection of dispositional dimensions, the model identifies the potential contained in each person regarding environmental sustainability

Voice Of Employees: Leadership Model for HR

Identifying the most effective leadership style for different work teams improves performance and company climate. For managers, it means assuming the role of Change Agent for their collaborators. For collaborators, it means building effective organizational relationships that facilitate change and improve the organizational climate.

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