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May 7, 2022 2022-05-11 16:35

Beyond Saas

In an ever-changing world there’s only one way to make business work:

Be good at listening to it.

Born inside Neosperience Spa in 2017, NeosVoc today is an Innovative Startup that revolutionizes Market Research and Voice of Customer by combining Technology, Artificial Intelligence and new and interdisciplinary methodological approaches. Conceived by a group of researchers, psychologists and methodologists, NeosVoc has embraced the need to innovate the market research sector, overwhelmed by technological innovations and socio-cultural transformations that have affected the entire planet. NeosVoc platform is “human centered”: we never leave our clients alone. In the approaches to fruition, the methodologies, the listening channels, we are always at their side – if they want. Therefore, calling us SaaS is not enough.

Why NeosVoc.

There is a meeting point between the Platform Economy and the consulting approach, where most of the needs of every company lies. NeosVoc is the platform that never leaves the customer alone, supporting him in acquiring the know-how he needs until he gains autonomy.

  • Omni-channel platform
  • Integration with client properties
  • Data collection, analysis, monitoring
  • Instant feedbacks
  • Real-time dashboard

  • Customer Profiling & Psichographics
  • Customer Experience & Satisfaction
  • Reputation & Loyalty
  • Brand Image & Positioning
  • Green Potential detection Model
  • Voice of Patient
  • Voice of Employee, Leadership Model & Innovation Culture

  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Personalized consulting
  • Training and support in the use of the platform
  • Quantitative methodologies, AI and Machine Learning
  • Qualitative methodologies and semiotic analysis




Dario Melpignano


Alice Melpignano


Mauro Manicardi


Stefano Romagnoli


Donatella Fabbricini

Market Research Manager

Marta Di Stefano

Platform Specialist and Researcher

Giuliana Laurita

Semiotic Researcher and Strategist

Alessandro Canali

Full Stack Developer

Listen to the customer, understand the present, anticipate the future.

If companies are more aware, business is more effective, people are more satisfied and there is a continuous improvement. Awareness, for a company, means listening and knowing the real needs of its audience in order to respond to those needs in an increasingly effective way.

We embraced 3 guidelines in our business:



we are not afraid of a change, we accompany it and we are accompanied by those who know how to listen to this change, understand it, and transform it into growth.


each client is unique for us and our mission is to lead him to achieve his goals. That's why we dedicate all our attention and passion to our clients.


our job is to give answers. But we know that good answers come from the right questions. So we never stop asking these questions. Because observing the world and questioning it is the only way we know to make business work.

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