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May 7, 2022 2022-12-15 9:15

Beyond Saas

Listen to customers
Understand the present
Anticipate the future

NeosVoc is the platform for the Voice of Customer that allows you to listen to every brand's customers in a new way. A set of innovative services that combines a solid methodology with a flexible and user-friendly technology.

NeosVoc is the platform for the Voice of Customer that allows you to collect feedback from your customers in real time and throughout the Customer Journey, through the channels that better reflect their communication habits.

Thanks to its innovative approach, in which technology and Artificial Intelligence work together with a rigorous and multidisciplinary methodology, NeosVoc allows you to deeply understand your customers and customize their connection with the brand by offering them what they really want.




These are the great transformations of the digital age. Smartphones are the new customer’s proxy. And research can't ignore it.

The first step in building an effective digital customer experience is the creation of a continuous, omnichannel listening path throughout the entire Customer Journey: from the moment of the first contact to the moment of the experience (of product or brand), up to the purchase decision.

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